Bigraphs and Bigraphical Reactive Systems are a modern, graphical calculus for the description of the syntax and semantics of systems in terms of the orthogonal notions of connectivity and locality. Bigraphs were proposed by Robin Milner and colleagues in 2000, and have been under development since. This website represents an effort to collect the various efforts involving bigraphs into a central place.


A model checker for bigraphs which includes a command line interface and visualisation.
A Java library which provides a tuple-space-like API based on bigraphs.
Big Red
A graphical editor for bigraphs with easily extensible support for various file formats.
A graphical workbench for bigraphs, aiming at providing a unifying GUI for the various bigraph tools.
BPL Tool
A command line tool for experimenting with (abstract) binding bigraphs based on Damgaard et al.'s inductive charaterization of matching in binding bigraphs.
DBtk: A tool for directed bigraphs
provides calculation of IPOs, matching, and visualisation.
SAT based algorithm
Sevegnani et al. has presented a SAT based algorithm for matching in place graphs with sharing and an implementation is in progress based on MiniSAT.
A stochastic simulator for bigraphs, aimed at simulation of biological models.

Research Materials

Bibliography on Bigraphs
A (slightly out-of-date) bibliography on bigraphs compiled by Mikkel Bundgaard.

Learning about bigraphs

Brief Introduction to Bigraphs
From the IT University of Copenhagen Programming, Logic and Semantics Group wiki.
Bigraph 2013 Workshop
Details of the Bigraph 2013 Workshop, at IT University of Copenhagen.
Big Red: A Development Environment for Bigraphs
Instructions for installing Big Red, along with an example bigraphical reactive system.